VLE & Learning Platforms

Adding value by enhancing the learning cycle with I am learning and your Learning Platform

I am learning works with Learning Platforms to provide instant access to games based resources both in and out of school. We have a range of different integrations with platforms, designed to provide easy access for students, teachers, parents and school leaders. The main process by which I am learning works is inspiring students to want to progress. We achieve this by enabling students to undertake knowledge consolidation activities through games, presenting their results with gap analysis and encouraging them access other learning materials (within the platform) before returning to I am learning to try again. We reward effort and progression to complete the cycle.

If you are using a platform which does not yet support I am learning integration, you can access our service at www.iamlearning.co.uk or we have an iFrame login box which can be embedded into your platform.

If you would like more information about our integrations, please contact us