Privacy Policy

This policy is designed to provide details regarding the student data and school information we collect and hold for I am Learning/FrogPlay. It contains information about what details we store, why and how and what to do if you have any further queries or concerns on security.

What student data do we use?

We only store a minimal amount of student data to create personalised accounts for your users and to enable us to track and report on them appropriately. We store the following data for each student:We only store a minimal amount of student data to create personalised accounts for your users and to enable us to track and report on them appropriately. We store the following data for each student:

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Form and Class information where appropriate
  • UPN
  • Gender (optional)
  • Ethnicity (optional)

Within the system we also create a profile of a student’s activity. We principally record time spent and the exercises completed (including marks achieved) but also can store information about usage patterns to help us understand user preferences to guide future software development.

Why do we need any student data?

Student data is needed to create user accounts to enable tracking of individual student’s progress, which is then made available to your teaching staff. No data is passed to 3rd party companies.

The student data we collect and store does not contain any contact details for students and students are not required to provide any additional personal data once logged in.

How is initial student data received?

In order to create initial accounts we require a .csv export from your management information system (typically SIMS or CMIS). This csv is uploaded by the School Admin account to our secure server hosted in a UK data centre.

Upon receipt we will upload the data on behalf of the school to create student and teacher users. The .csv file is stored for 7 days in case it is needed for re-import or error correction and then is automatically deleted in our data clean up processes.

Schools should not email the .csv data to us as we cannot guarantee security in a third party email system.

The nominated school administrator will have full control to create additional accounts and to modify/remove user accounts manually. Accounts can be permanently deleted by this admin account.

Data Protection Act

I am learning (also known as FrogPlay) is owned by Frog Education Ltd and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to store student data under registration entry Z9989379.

If you have any queries regarding data protection and I am learning/FrogPlay, please do not hesitate to contact our support team (details below)


I am learning/FrogPlay is hosted on maintained servers behind tiered security systems to ensure maximum protection for user data.

Teachers and students are assigned individual passwords that protect access to the system and ensure that only registered users can access data. Individuals have the responsibility to safeguard the security of their password and have the ability to reset (recommended).

Who has access to data?

All students have a unique username and password allowing them access to the I am learning/FrogPlay system. Students are responsible for this password and maintaining the security of their account. A student user is able to view their own data regarding usage and performance in all aspects.

All teachers have access via a unique username and password and can view the data of all students within the school. Teachers have the ability to reset a user’s password in the event of a student forgetting or a concern over security.

Parent/guardian users can be set up at the request of the school and will have access to their child(ren)'s usage and performance data only.

A nominated school administrator will have full access to the school data, usage and performance information along with the ability to create and modify/remove ALL user types (students, parents and teachers) should a request under data protection be made to amend or erase data about a user.

If applicable (in the event of an LA or Multi-Academy Trust partnership purchase), specified members of the LA/MAT team may be granted access to school data and student performance. This will only be issued after permission from individual schools has been granted.

Members of our Support Team will also have access to the data when troubleshooting an issue raised by a school. All members of staff are DBS cleared and follow approved procedures, governed by the Data Protection Act, and the EUGDPR.

Usage data and research

Through the usage of our schools we are able to analyse data and identify trends and patterns of the student users. We will use this data internally to help us continue to develop the system to meet the needs of our subscribers and to help inform policy changes where appropriate.

Some findings may be published to help showcase emerging patterns that may be beneficial to other subscribing schools and local authorities. Data will typically only be published about overall usage and no details of specific schools or students will be released without prior permission.


We take our responsibility for safeguarding student information very seriously and take all reasonable steps to maintain the tightest security. If you suspect a breach of this privacy policy at any stage (student level, school level or by ourselves), please report this immediately to or by calling 01422 250 800

Any questions?

If you have any queries regarding anything in this privacy policy and would like to discuss it further, please contact our support team:

Frog Education Ltd,
G Mill,
Dean Clough,
West Yorkshire

Telephone: 01422 250800


Fax: 0845 052 9391