Who we are and what we do

I am learning are an expert education company, committed to helping teachers to teach and learners to learn. We support 1000’s of schools by helping to solve every day teaching and learning problems; making teachers lives easier; empowering them with awesome technology, and engaging 21st century learners in a meaningful way. That’s what educational technology is all about; delivering human benefits.

I am learning is a whole school improvement service, which facilitates effective homework, independent learning and assessment.

Proven to raise results

I am learning powers learning for over 12 million users worldwide and over 1000 UK schools. Over an entire academic year, average results increased 8.6%, rising to 13.5% for users spending an average of 1 hour per week.

Frog Play supports our delivery of Maths Mastery and helped raise results 10% at KS4 and 13% at KS3
- Tony Staneff, Deputy Head Teacher, Trinity Academy

Self-marking homework:

I am learning automatically marks homework activities; helping free up valuable teacher time. Teachers can set differentiated tasks, with results presented in simple yet powerful reports.

I am learning’s self marking homework help save teachers time, so they can focus on more meaningful teaching and learning.
- Phil Spoors, Assistant Head teacher, Cramlington Learning Village


As students undertake self directed or guided learning, I am learning automatically collects assessment data. This provides powerful ‘learning analytics’ including detailed gap analysis to evaluate learning, identify weaknesses, provide opportunities for effective feedback and monitoring progress.

I am learning keeps our school Ofsted Outstanding by empowering our teachers with assessment data, shaping lesson planning and monitoring activity.
- Dave Pohl, Deputy Head teacher, Yardleys School

Proven to improve results

As a school senior leader, much of your focus will be on maintaining or improving whole school academic standards.

I am learning is proven to raise results, powering learning for over 12 million users worldwide and used by over 1000 schools in the UK.

Our latest ‘Impact Report’ analysed progression results over 12 months:

  • The average result improvement using I am learning was 8.6%
  • When learners made regular use of I am learning i.e. an average of at least one hour per week (or 52 hours over the year), average results improved by a staggering 13.5%

Independent research from C3 Education concluded:

  • 96% of teachers agree that I am learning is an enjoyable way to learn
  • 87% of teachers agree that I am learning is an effective way to learn
  • 86% of teachers rate I am learning as better than other online revision systems
  • 84% of teachers indicate that I am learning provides valuable information on student performance

Freeing up teacher time with self-marking homework

I am learning enables teachers to set self-marking homework tasks and assessment activities, in an engaging games based format.

Self-marking tasks remove the need for time consuming marking freeing up teacher time to focus on more meaningful teaching and learning.

I am learning even pinpoints which students answered which questions incorrectly, providing an efficient way of giving feedback to groups of learners collectively.

Enabling teachers to set tasks not just to a whole class, but specific learners or group of learners, provides a world class facility to personalise learning. Teachers can choose to allocate from the pre-set I am learning activities, from a bank of over 150,000 questions or by creating new or tailoring existing activities.

Creating user defined groups enables further effective targeting of specific cohorts, such as Free School Meals, C/D borderline, boys underachievement, able and talented, or simply ‘My struggling students in class 10MA1.’

Assessment for learning

I am learning has assessment at its heart.

We believe that learning can be seen as a journey in which learners need to know where they are at present, where they are going, and how to get from one place to the other.

As a school senior leader, you know the importance of feedback in the learning process; and the role of assessment for learning strategies to facilitate effective progress.

Where they are...

  • I am learning considers this question: How can we improve if we don’t know where we are?
  • Learners complete teacher assigned or independent learning activities in an engaging and non-threatening, games based environment
  • Assessment data is collected as learners ‘play’ which is presented back to the learner and teacher

Where they are going ...

  • Powerful reports clearly identify where students are succeeding and through gap analysis, feedback highlights the areas in need of improvement
  • By empowering teachers with learner analytics and personalisation tools, they can create clear and measurable objectives
  • Using self marking task setting, teachers can assign activities to gain a deeper understanding of ability

How to get from one place to the other...

  • Most importantly, I am learning’s games based approach creates a non-threatening ecosystem which inspires meaningful learning conversations.
  • Using the data and tools, learners and teachers can discuss strategies for improvement where feedback as a positive means of improving
  • Learner analytics demonstrate performance and monitor progress on an ongoing basis.

I am learning can provide an AfL backbone for your school, supporting your teachers, improving results and sustaining high standards.

Summative Assessment

We understand it is imperative that teachers have proof of what their students have learned.

I am learning’s self-marking assessment approach, provides a simple yet effective way of evaluating student learning, in an engaging and non-threatening environment.

The ability to create bespoke activities, or adapt existing resources provides an ideal mechanism to create high stakes summative assessments such as end of unit or end of stage testing. Schools also use I am learning as part of their exam preparation and revision strategies.

The powerful learning analytics within I am learning allow summative assessments to be compared against a number of standards such a bespoke groups, classes and school year.

Using I am learning’s progress measuring tools, data from summative assessments can be used formatively when students or teachers use it to guide efforts and activities.

I am learning provides a consistent assessment framework for summative and formative assessments across all subjects areas, providing high stakes to key stakeholders, supporting learning and teaching across the whole school.

On your mobile device

I am learning is designed to work anytime, anywhere on ALL Devices such as iPads, Android Tablets, Windows 8 devices and more!

This is a mobile world. Tablet devices and Smart Phones enable anytime, anywhere access to social networks, communication, diaries, entertainment, data capture, web browsing and indeed learning.

When making decisions about implementing online learning systems in your school, you need the confidence that systems will work both now and in the future; regardless of what your technology may be.

Over 12 million users worldwide have access to I am learning. By designing the service to work on tablets and mobile devices, we ensure anytime, anywhere access to games based homework, independent learning and assessment.

The Techie Stuff

I am learning makes use of HTML5 on tablet and mobile devices.

Using browser detection we adapt the experience to best suit the device and the user needs.

On PC’s / Mac’s / Laptops we use Flash to provide a faster and more robust experience.

The important thing to remember, this is one site so:

  • No need to download and install separate apps
  • No need to synchronise data